Stepping Stones has the following classes:

2 Toddler classes (age 2 – 3 years)

3 Pre-school classes (age 3 – 6 years)

1 Primary class (age 6 – 9 years)

Children may arrive at school from 07:45 onwards

The daily Montessori program runs from 08:30 to 12:30.  Punctuality is essential!

Each class is run by a Montessori qualified Directress and her assistant.

Toddler Classes

Angelfish Class:         Natasha Alfred and Noma Giyama

Turtle Class:               Judith Kaunda and Gail Thys

Pre School classes

Penguin Class:           Tanya Jordaan and Slindile Mfeka

Seahorse  Class:         Mandy Ross and Linda Nel

Dolphin Class:           Fiona Gawronsky and Bronwyn Fredericks

Primary Class

Meerkat Class: Melissa Brookstein and Nicole Levin

Aftercare program:

Supervisor:  Vanessa Choonoo and assistants:  Leilaa Masoet and Victoria Bini

Aftercare begins at 12:30 & closes at 17:25

Holiday care program:

This program runs during most of the school holidays. Please enquire & book beforehand.

Extra murals:  start at 13:00 and are outsourced (see extra murals page).